Thursday, December 6, 2012

Direct Objects

For your comment, write three Pattern 2 sentences. Remember that Pattern 2 sentences have a direct object. Direct Objects answer the question "What?" or "Whom?" after the verb.  Also, be sure you use correct punctuation and capitalization. List your sentences and number them, like this:





  1. 1.The New York Jets beat the Steelers.

    2.I baked cookies on Sunday.

    3.The coach made shour we did are best.

  2. 1. Parker asked a question when he got confused after the lecture.(DO-Question.)

    2. After I used the bathroom, I washed my hands with soap and warm water. (DO-Hands,Bathroom.)

    3. Mrs. Holladay gave us a blog after we classified the 'Pattern 2' sentences.

  3. 1-I wish Tennessee beat the Gators.

    2-I hope the Titans win the game on Sunday.

    3- I hope Tennessee does better next season.

  4. 1. I love her beautiful dog.
    2. I used her Justin Bieber perfume!
    3. She can't wait for Santa Clause to come!

  5. 1. The girl ran on the track yesterday.

    2. Everybody clapped after the boy was finished talking.

    3. Mrs. Holladay taught us about pattern 2 sentences.

  6. 1.I love my mom and dad!

    2.Peter Piper picked a pepper.

    3.I feel sand under my feet and toes.

  7. 1. The Redskins beat the Giants.

    2. Grandma makes the absolute best cookies.

    3. Do you know the Muffin Man?

  8. 1. The boy played the drums.
    2. The car ran a red light.
    3. This dog is so cute.

  9. 1. For lunch Tim ate grapes.

    2. On the playground he played football.

    3. The dog played fetch.

  10. 1.The girl played softball.

    2.The boy drove the car.

    3.The dog is so cut!

  11. 1. I did not eat a carrot.

    2. I play XBox360 with my step dad.

    3. I read a book.

  12. 1.I play wii with my family.

    2.I play basketball with my friends.

    3.I eat chocolate at christmas.

  13. 1.Paige love Justin Bieber.

    2.Paige sing songs by Justin Bieber.

    3.Paige hugs Justin Bieber.

  14. 1. Notre Dame will beat Alabama in January.

    2. I played Colts football this year.

    3. I ate forty doughnuts in five minutes.

  15. Sarah Katherine Steen#16December 6, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    1. Duck Dynasty is coming to Lipscomb on April 27.

    2. My mom used the printer to print out a recipe.

    3. I played on the computer for a long time on Saturday.

  16. 1. I play soccer with my friends.

    2. Taylor Swift wears red lipstick.

    3. I wrap Christmas presents.

  17. 1. Taylor Swift sings "We Are Never Getting Back Together."
    2. I do Gymnastcis with Ellie!
    3. Love is my favorite word.

  18. 1.I watch "Duck Dynasty."
    2.Mrs.Thomas is my homeroom teacher.
    3.Miss Holladay loves Auburn.

  19. 1. Jackson remodeled his house.
    2. Tim's cat scratched the sofa.
    3. Tony smashed the car door.

  20. Jimmy ate an apple.

    Cows mooed ate the passing car.

    Bob needed a pigeon.

  21. 1. The ugly big fat monkey ate four bananas.
    2. Bob partially ate the wormy apple.
    3. Afterward, you will eat all your vegetables.

  22. 1. I love reading.

    2. My mom wants a new van.

    3. My brother is getting his divers perment soon.

  23. 1. For lunch Hank ate potatoes.
    2. Hank watched Duck Dynasty.
    3. The band got hit by tomatoes.

  24. 1. The elves ate cucumbers.

    2. Will saw Santa.

    3. The reindeer played Monopoly.

  25. 1. Elizabeth played her guitar at the Hard Rock Cafe.

    2. Lauren and Annabelle sang songs all day.

    3. The girl took her dog for a walk in the park.

  26. 1. Matthew and I just classified ten sentences.

    2. Sully should be a doctor because he talks about blood and mayo.

    3.Miss Holladay is going to put spelling grades in renweb this weekend!!!

  27. 1. I love computer.

    2. I like taking my dog on a walk.

    3. Do I need a computer

  28. 1. Jackson should stop talking about other people.

    2. That monkey is going to slip and fall!

    3. That snail is going to die

  29. 1. My mom made a cake.

    2. My brothers are being annoying.

    3. I ate the cake my mom made.

  30. 1. The girl played soccer.

    2. I love my dog

    3. Ole Miss beat Mississippi State!

  31. 1. Before going to school, the two brothers ate a very big breakfast of bacon and eggs.

    2. After lunch, the children played at recess.

    3.As the teacher was calling out attendance, the last student rushed in the door.

  32. 1.The really fat girl loudly played her giant flute.
    2. My sister loves to play Doctor with me at night.
    3. Ella is always a really nice girl.

  33. 1)The dog chased the squirrel till the squirrel up a tree.
    2)After the party we went to her house.
    3)today we came to school afterword we went home.

  34. 1. He said meow.
    2. she is weird
    3. The shark ate the fish.

  35. 1. Before school, Mandy played soccer with Kathy.

    2. My mom went shopping earlier without me.

    3. Wow! I saw a bird flying beside the airplane!

  36. Mandy walked the dog.

    Mom baked cakes.

    She walked the cat.

  37. 1. I have eaten cookies for the last two days.

    2. Chris threw the basketball.

    3. Jenna Taylor and Lauren Dunn play ultimate frisbee.

  38. 1. I have eaten cookies for the last two days.

    2. Chris threw the basketball.

    3. Jenna Taylor and Lauren Dunn play ultimate frisbee.

  39. 1. We ate cookies and pie.

    2. I walked home.

    3. One Direction sang a song.

  40. 1. I ate cupcakes

    2. My mom baked a cake

    3. I ran home

  41. 1. I love Auburn.
    2. My family hates Alabama.
    3. I scored a touchdown.

  42. 1. I love Duck Dynasty.
    2. Si is hilarious.
    3. I love Auburn

  43. 1. I will play soccer tonight.
    2. The dog does not like vegetables.
    3. I did my homework last night.

  44. 1. George bought a Jeep.
    2. I love school.
    3. I like Florida Gators.

  45. 1. Halle has blonde hair.
    2. Kristen plays guitar.
    3. Maggie loves pandas.

  46. 1.Sally rode her bike
    2.Joey ate his dinner
    3.The Christmas tree shined in the moonliht

  47. 1. At the restraunt, I ate dinner.
    2. The cat climbed the tree.
    3. Today, we went sledding down the hill in her backyard.

  48. 1.I went to basketball practice and shot the ball.
    2.I watched Veggie-tales.
    3.The Colts football team was really good this year.

  49. 1. Our basketball team won the game.

    2. My dog licked me in the face.

    3. I want Madden NFL 13 for Christmas.

  50. 1. We will go to school tomorrow.

    2. I want a XBOX for Christmas.

    3. I want pizza for dinner.

  51. 1. Alabama beat Georgia.

    2. Tennessee fired Derek Dooley.

    3. Auburn fired Gene Chizik.

  52. 1. The Titans kicked the football.

    2. The barber cut my hair.

    3. My dad drove the car.

  53. 1.I won the swimmeet

    2.Dork diaries is my favorite book

    3.Bud turened five cartwells

  54. 1 Theres a boy in the pool

    2The raccoon ate the trash

    3My brother is a clown

  55. 1.I ate a cupcake.

    2.The fish swims in the river.

    3.Tommy cooked pizza.

  56. 1. Notre Dame beat Alabama last week.
    2.I ate a lot of pizza.
    3.I love the Tennessee Volunteers

  57. 1. A lizard regrows his tail

    2. Somebody ate my cookies

    3. I like jelly beans

  58. 1. I have a dog.

    2. I like cheese.

    3. I am typing on a keyboard.

  59. 1.A cat can ponce

    2.A dog can bark

    3.A fish can swim